Today we’re talking about installing artificial turf in your garden. It can easily transform your garden from a muddy wet, grey patch to a pristine lush green lawn. Artificial grass has become so much popular in the last few years simply because it looks so good all year round.

We do offer installation.

Installing artificial grass isn’t for everyone, and we often have customers who prefer it if we do it for them. However, if you do fancy having a go at doing it yourself, we’ve got some steps below you can follow, and if you have any questions at the end of the post, do get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.

Carrying out the installation with care.

If you decide to carry out the installation yourself, you’ll need to plan your installation carefully – giving yourself a day to clear the area and carry out the installation itself. Naturally, you’ll need to remove the turf and soil that’s already there first. Use a turf cutter if you can get hold of one and create a depth of around 2 to 4 inches. The depth will really be decided by how well your lawn drains.


Once the turf has been removed you can then install the sub-base. Edge it all off with a wooden frame, this will give a firm base for the artificial grass and help fix it in place. Install weed membrane, place it on the very top of the soil and this will help stop the sub base from sinking.

Smooth off lumps by raking and make sure it’s all level and then compacted. You’re aiming for a smooth finish after which you will apply sand and compact that off too.

Apply another layer of weed membrane and then secure this to the top of the edging. You can use either staples or screws and this should prevent any weeds coming through.

Installing the grass.

You’re now ready to install your artificial grass. Cut as evenly as you can, and then piece all the separate pieces together checking the joins as there may be more trimming needed. You’ll need some glue to stick it down and apply some pressure, so it sticks, you don’t want thick glue and you don’t want it too thin either. Insert screws on either side of the joins so the grass will stay in place and so that it stays in place while you are trimming the edges.

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All your artificial grass needs can be met with us here at Artificial Turf Scotland, because we sell quality artificial grasses that will suit either residential or commercial property. If you decide that artificial grass installation isn’t for you and you’d prefer not to do it yourself, why not let us do it for you. We have many years of experience and all our team are trained to install artificial grass. You can remove the stress involved by having it installed by someone else on your behalf – and then all you have to do is enjoy it.