Over 50% of customers that we install to have dogs that will be using the garden. We guarantee that pets will love the surface just as much as their owners do.

“Very pleased with the whole process. Quote was immediately produced on initial visit and the guys on the job were professional and friendly. Our stretch of garden was boggy, worn and sloped down by 600mm and as you can see from the picture, the finished turf was excellent. Dogs are very happy, as are we!” – Richard Leigh

Never Beaten on Price

– Why Choose –


- Durable -


Don’t worry about bald patches. Artificial grass is tough enough to prevent pets from digging holes and hard-wearing so that pets can play on it constantly.

- Clean -


You can say goodbye to muddy paws and grass-stained pets when you have artificial grass installed in your garden. There will be no leftover grass clippings for them to roll around on.

- No More -


- No More -


- No More -


Pet owners often encounter a problem with a natural turf lawn is the discolouration of patches due to pet waste. With artificial grass, your pet’s waste will not impact the quality of the lawn, and it will remain green and vibrant.

– Use It –


The artificial grass surface is ready to use in all weather conditions, whether there has been a heavy downpour of rain or the sun has been shining all day your garden will be a safe and clean area for your pets. The permeable surface allows rain to percolate through and does not become muddy in wet conditions, while during dry and sunny periods there is no risk of bald patches developing due to overuse and lack of water.

Pets Artificial Grass FAQ

  • Is artificial safe for my pets?

Absolutely! One of the many benefits of artificial grass is that it does not require any fertilisers or chemicals, allowing pets to play in your garden freely and safely without worrying about any reactions.

  • How will my pet react to the installation of artificial grass?

Over 50% of our customers who have had artificial grass installed are dog owners, so there is no need to worry. Pets treat and react to artificial grass the same as natural grass.

  • How will artificial grass hold up with my dogs?

Artificial grass is very resilient and will maintain its look as dogs will be unable to dig, ensuring no bald patches will appear, allowing your garden to look fantastic all year round.

  • Will the grass stain with allowing my dog to use it?

This is what most dog owners worry about when thinking about investing in artificial turf; however, if you invest in a slightly shorter grass that our experts recommend, it will allow you to pick up your dog’s mess quickly and easily. In addition, our artificial grass will not stain. To keep it looking pristine, it is recommended to occasional hose your grass. Sometimes our dog owner customers wish to buy a detergent for their artificial grass to keep their grass looking and smelling fantastic. Our experts can supply and advise you on this..

  • How long will artificial grass last in gardens with pets?

As we have artificial grass which is specifically tailored to be used by pets it will be highly durable. We are so confident in our highest quality of artificial turf for pets that we offer a 10 year guarantee on any artificial grass for pets that we supply or install.

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