Artificial Turf – A Step by Step Installation Guide

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Today we’re talking about installing artificial turf in your garden. It can easily transform your garden from a muddy wet, grey patch to a pristine lush green lawn. Artificial grass has become so much popular in the last few years simply because it looks so good all year round. 

Can Artificial Grass be installed during winter?

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Artificial grass is such a versatile and hard-wearing surface for your garden or commercial property that we can’t recommend it enough. We’ve seen enough satisfied customers over the years and installed it for enough happy clients to know that it’s a great success.

Installing Artificial Grass in Your Home 

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It may seem bizarre but artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular as a floor surface indoors as well as outdoors. Why? Well, it’s a really great floor surface to start off with, and every bit as robust as carpet or laminate flooring, and perhaps a little bit more caring for your feet than wooden floorboards.

Turn an artificial surface into a play space for your pets

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If you’ve had artificial grass installed in your garden and you’re worried about whether it’s safe for pets, perhaps you’re getting a dog or a cat, then fear not because artificial grass is perfect for animals. We wouldn’t recommend it for our customers if we didn’t think it worked well – and it does.

Quickly Revamp Your Garden With Simple Changes

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The summer will be very busy for most families, there’ll be the children to keep entertained, the job, the house, the garden to take care of. Yes, the garden. And how on earth are you meant to fit that in? After all, it’s probably starting to look a little faded, but who has the time to deal with it?

Artificial Grass: Perfect For a Range of Sports

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Artificial grass isn’t just great for the garden it’s also great for all sorts of other things to do, one of those things is sports. Today then, we’re going to be talking about all the great things you can do using artificial grass for sports. 

Get Your Garden Summer-Ready With Artificial Grass

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If you’ve neglected your garden of late then perhaps it’s time to get it ready for summer. You may think it’s too late now - after all it is already summer! And yes, you’re right, but it’s never too late to make an effort and get it looking pristine and fresh so you can sit down and enjoy the garden, regardless of how many weeks or months there are left of summer.

How to Prepare Your Garden For Artificial Grass Installation

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So, you’re thinking about having your artificial grass installed and if this is the case then you’ll need to get your grass prepped and ready. There’s a certain amount of pre-work involved, but it’s possible to get it done right as long as you know what you’re doing.

Questions to Ask About Before Having Artificial Grass Installed

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You’ve heard all the great things about artificial grass and now you want to invest in it for your own garden. But, while replacing natural grass with artificial is definitely worth doing, there are certain questions you need to ask before you invest.