Artificial grass is a fantastic solution for many businesses in the commercial sector and can transform any area

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Artificial grass is a fantastic surface to include at a wide variety of events, exhibitions and trade shows for a number of reasons. First of all, if the event is outdoors then you may want to maintain the natural look and feel of grass, however, with artificial grass you can ensure the space stays mud-free and without bald patches, even in wet weather or after heavy footfall during busy periods.

Another advantage that artificial turf has over natural grass is that it is extremely simple to install and, if necessary, remove. We even rent out our artificial grass as an alternative to buying, it can be taken away by our team at the end of your event so you never have to lift a finger. 


Bring the feel of the natural world into your office to escape the grey and boring traditional surroundings with artificial grass. The colour and the feel of an artificial grass office transforms the space into a bright, modern and interesting talking point for visitors, bringing some character to a space that may otherwise be dull and lifeless.

For staff artificial grass will create a working environment that is stimulating, colourful and kinder underfoot as it provides a soft surface. Artificial grass doesn’t just have to be used underfoot though, it is extremely versatile and can be used on walls and furniture to create a relaxing environment.


Creating comfortable areas for your team to take time out from working is an important aspect of building a workplace that people feel happy in. Artificial grass can play an important role in creating such an atmosphere of calm and relaxation as it brings a natural feel to the space.

Artificial grass can be used creatively both indoors and outdoors on the ground or floor, on furniture and even on walls to create a colourful and stimulating break from the mundane nature of a traditional office break or lunch area.


Effectively promoting your products as part of a colourful display that stands out can make a real difference in attracting customers to your products and engaging them. Artificial grass offers the opportunity to display certain types of products in a similar environment or situation to which they would normally be found and used. This may include plants, fruit & vegetables, gardening equipment or sports gear, the list of possibilities is endless.

Utilising artificial grass within displays can be particularly useful at events such as trade shows to set your products apart and attract the interest of passers by who have a whole host of promoters vying for their business.

From music festivals and corporate events, to community events, sporting events and gigs, using an artificial lawn to accomodate and impress your customers is the perfect choice.

Commercial Artificial Grass FAQ

  • Is artificial grass a good alternative for events?

Your event will make a fantastic first impression with anybody as regardless of the weather or time of year, your artificial grass will be in fantastic, pristine condition. No need to worry about having bald patches appearing in your grass halfway through your event, as artificial turf is highly durable and will look great for years to come.

  • What can artificial grass be used for?

Artificial grass is so versatile that it can be a part of any event or space. Transform any room or event with artificial grass by bringing the outdoors inside. Artificial turf is great for office spaces as a unique alternative to carpets as it will allow you to bring the outside feel inside which will motivate your staff.

  • Why invest in artificial grass for an event?

Artificial grass is an excellent alternative for events as there is no need to worry about the unpredictable Scottish weather as your grass becomes sodden and slippy like natural grass.

  • How much would it cost for artificial grass at my event?

The cost of artificial grass varies greatly depending on the shape and layout of your premises, however we offer a free design consultation not only this but we also promise to beat any like for like quote.

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