Everything you need to know about Artificial Grass Turf

Does artificial  grass get too hot for dogs paws in the summer?

Not at all, all of our European manufactured artificial grass comes with

Can artificial grass be laid on slopes?

Yes, it can, and we have installed quite a few artificial lawns on steep slopes. It takes more time and consideration, but the result can be just as satisfying as a flat surface.

Is an artificial lawn suitable for kids and dogs?

Absolutely, fake grass is perfect for children’s play and dogs or pets. It allows mess-free play all year round.

Does laying artificial grass help with drainage?

Yes, absolutely. We install a suitably thick layer of crushed hardcore beneath the grass, which is one of the best ways to help deal with surfaces where there is excess water.

The water will run through the artificial lawn drainage holes and down through the layers beneath, then settle.

Does fake grass require a lot of maintenance?

One of the many benefits of artificial grass is that it requires very little maintenance as all you need is to give it an occasional brush and remove any debris. Our experts can give you helpful advice on simple steps to ensure that your artificial grass will remain in pristine condition even with children and pets running around.

Do you offer a maintenance service for artificial grass?

Yes, we can offer this service if you want long-term peace of mind. Just get in touch to discuss.

How easy is it to install artificial grass by myself?

Installing artificial grass yourself is not an easy task, and we always suggest you get an expert to complete the installation. If you feel you have the skills and knowledge, we can give advice and supply all the materials and components to do this.

Do you offer a supply only service for artificial grass?

Yes, we do, if you head over to http://artificialturfscotland.co.uk/artificial-turf-trade-enquiries. Look at our samples and get in touch for a price, or request a sample pack.

Can you lay artificial grass on decking?

Laying artificial lawn on decking has become more and more popular over the years. It makes the decking much less slippery in winter and transforms it from a surface that needs regular maintenance to virtually maintenance-free.

Does the colour of an artificial lawn fade?

All of our fake grass comes with the optimum 10-year warranty, which includes the colour fast warranty. So no need to worry about your artificial grass fading in the sun. And that’s a guarantee!

Can I put a trampoline on my artificial grass?

Not only can you put a trampoline on the artificial lawn, but it’s also perfectly safe to have garden furniture, planters, storage boxes and just about anything you want to on top of it. If the item needs to be removed, give your artificial lawn a good brush up with a stiff brush, and you’re good to go.

Can we put garden furniture on an artifcial lawn?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to have garden furniture on the artificial grass. All you need is a good quality hard broom to brush it up with if the item is removed in the future.

What is the ideal pile height for artificial grass for dogs?

We at ATS suggest a 30mm pile height is ideal for dogs and pets. This ensures the optimum warranty and means the fake grass isn’t too long, and allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Whats the best pile height of fake grass for my garden?

For domestic artificial lawns, we recommend anything from 30mm to 40mm pile height. That guarantees you get the best warranty around (10 Years) and ensures the artificial grass is long enough, soft enough, and hard-wearing enough to endure anything the kids and pets can throw at it.

What guarantee do I get with an artificial lawn?

Artificial grass guarantees start at two years; however, all of our European Manufactured Artificial Lawns come with a full 10-year warranty which is the longest available in our industry. We also offer a separate 10-year guarantee for the workmanship.

How long does it take to install artificial grass?

This varies greatly depending on the size of your garden; however, our typical installation is 60 meters of fake grass which will be completed within two days..

When is the best time of year to have fake grass installed?

Artificial lawns can be laid all year round; however, our busiest time for artificial grass installations is typically from March to July if you want to avoid disappointment and get booked in quickly outside of these months.

How much does an artificial lawn cost?

Artificial grass is very cost-effective and can vary in price. Typically allow for a cost that starts at around 35 per sqm depending on the size of the area and what’s involved in the completion of the project.

How easy is it to clean my artificial grass?

Fake grass is very simple and easy to clean and maintain. You can purchase specialised solutions that clean, sanitise and deodorise the artificial grass. .

How long will my artificial turf last for?

Artificial grass is very resilient, and with the proper care and attention, it can last upwards of 20 years. We are so confident in our highest quality of artificial turf that we offer a 10-year guarantee on all artificial grass that we supply or install.