Project Description


Customer concerns:

In this case our customer wanted a complete garden transformation. 3 decking areas, wooden sleepers, trees chopped down, 20m of 6ft fencing, a mono-block area with a hand made BBQ and all finished with areas at front and back for our Artificial Grass.

Company undertaking:

To totally transform this garden we would have to bring the very best of our expertise to play. Is would all begin with a complete clear out of the existing garden features which took around 4 days to achieve. From there we then started to piece together the customers plans one stage at a time, from erecting the new fence which came 1st, to designing and arranging exactly where the new decking areas would go.

Our installers then went on to planning and placing the areas for artificial grass and mono-block. 6-7 days later it all came together. And not ony was the customer delighted, we as a company took great pleasure form doing such a great job.

Customer review:

“What an amazing job, we are so happy with it. It was a large project at a very reasonable price. When we added little things the price didn’t change, which was such a great bonus.

The guys were hard working and very thorough with their workmanship. I Would recommend this company to anyone.

Looking forward to our first summer in our lovely new garden”