Project Description


Customer concerns:

This back lawn had become something of a nightmare to maintain, not only was it too wet most of the time, the moist conditions were causing an ever increasing build up of moss and weeds.

After a long drive up to Oban and a very nice consultation the customer decided that our Golf Putt Pro would be just what they required. This would address all the issues with wet conditions and allow Mrs Dalgety to get out and practice her putting as often and for as long as she so desired.

Company undertaking:

Saturated, mucky, mossy and messy were just some of the ways to describe this back garden. So right from the off our job was to dispose off all the mucky top layer of soil to give it good sound base to begin the project.

Followed by an extra thick layer of type 1 hardcore to soak up all the excess water that this garden has to deal with, keeping in mind that the customer wanted some slight undulations in the garden for a more realistic putting experience.

Everything else went just as projected, with a fast and efficient install whilst at all times maintaining a high level of attention to detail and especially so where the putting holes were installed. Our primary aim for a project like this is to make it visually appealing and practically pleasing, we think both objectives were realised.

Customer review:

“We cant say enough good things about the new putting green. Just to let you know how delighted we are with the job from start to finish.

We were very impressed with all aspects, from your(Steph) handling of our initial enquiry right through to all the lads who made an excellent job of laying the turf and doing exactly what we had hoped for. The garden has been totally transformed and has been well admired by many of our friends and family.

Thanks for a great job Many thanks.”