Project Description


Customer concerns:

Had only just moved into the house for a couple of months and realised how absolutely drenched the garden grass was. The puddles were 1-2 inches deep in places and took weeks to eventually dry out, although it never properly did.

Water was running down from the next door neighbour’s garden which sat above ours so it was always going to be an issue. It was obvious this wasn’t your run of the mill job as I needed drainage pipes laid under the new artificial grass and they had to

Company undertaking:

One of the muckiest gardens we had worked in for a while, so this project needed lots of care and attention to ensure the finished product was exactly as the customer envisaged. There was a lot of underlying water in this garden so from The Turf Warehouses point of view proper field drains would have to be laid to make sure no water could lye once the garden was completed.

Customer review:

“I cant really say enough good things about my artificial grass. The guys were so respectful and polite, not your usual tradesmen may I say. The final job is absolutely amazing, so much better than I could have hoped for and now I have the perfect maintenance free garden.

Furthermore there’s been some really torrential rain since and not a drop of water in sight. On a personal note I would like to thank Steph, Adi and Stephen as well as Mark for working in such terrible weather and ensuring I got the best possible job.

Thanks again.”