Project Description


Project Brief

After having a lovely decking area and our beautiful new paving done it made the grass look even worse than it looked previously. We had considered artificial grass because it was already a mess but the new patio helped us make the decision. The existing grass was already patchy, uneven and even completely bald in some areas so it wasnt too difficult a decision to come to.

Our Approach

Very straightforward in terms of what was required by our installers, we lifted up the existing grass and muck to get a nice even layer of harder soil. From there is was a simple case of bringing in the hardcore, building the frame and finishing off with a nice level layer of whin dust before putting the artificial turf down. The new patio definitely complimented the finish of the artificial grass, a fabulous finish and another happy customer.

Customer Testimonial

“Totally love the new grass, weather has been perfect for the kids to get out and use it. One of the best decisions we have ever made so a big thank you! ”