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Keeping kids safe is an important part of creating a play area that they can enjoy. Artificial grass provides a forgiving surface when they fall, and it is fall-tested to ensure they feel less impact. An artificial grass lawn is also free of the uneven, lumpy features associated with a natural lawn, minimising the risk of tripping up.


Imagine a world without children’s muddy footprints and grass-stained clothes. Artificial grass provides a year-round clean playing environment that allows kids to enjoy their garden or play area, whatever the weather has been.


Allergies are a common problem for natural grass, especially in summer, often making play areas a no-go for those who suffer from hay fever. Artificial grass eliminates these problems, making play areas a space that all children can enjoy without sneezing and streaming eyes.


Play areas have to put up with the demands of constant use and rigorous play. As a result, traditional lawn turf often becomes worn out and develops bald patches, dips and puddles. With our artificial grass, resilience is an integral part of the product’s design, ensuring it will be a long-lasting investment.

Artificial Grass Play Area FAQ

  • Are children able to play on it safely?

Absolutely! We have a wide range of artificial turf available specifically designed for play areas. Our experts recommend that if you are planning to install artificial grass in play areas, you choose a thicker grass between 35mm to 40mm which ensures soft landings so if you fall, you don’t graze your skin, making it a safe area for your children to play.

  • Is artificial grass safe for play areas?

One of the benefits of artificial grass is that it does not require any pesticides or chemicals, allowing children to play freely and safely without worrying about any reactions.

  • What are the benefits of artificial grass in play areas?

Your children can enjoy the outdoors throughout the year with artificial grass installation. Artificial grass also allows play areas to be used all year round without the worry of your child ruining their clothes with grass stains..

  • Is artificial grass suitable for areas with trampolines and heavy play area appliances?

Our artificial grass is extremely popular in nurseries and schools with all these appliances, and the artificial turf still looks perfect. Artificial grass is highly durable and will withhold the weight of all play area appliances. If you decide to move an appliance to another area of the garden or remove it together, the grass will require a simple brush.

  • Will artificial grass be a good alternative at play areas?

Artificial grass is a fantastic alternative for play areas as it is highly resistant and durable, which allows the grass to remain to look fantastic even after years of use as, unlike natural grass, it will never develop bald patches.

  • How well does artificial grass drain?

No need to worry about puddles of water appearing on your artificial grass as water drains exactly like traditional grass, if not better, allowing your child to play safely 365 days of the year.

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